Projects and Studies

  1. Result Based Monitoring and Evaluation (RBM&E) of Theeramythri Project – A Project for sustainable development of livelihood among the fisher folks of Kerala (Project in Progress)
  2. Study on State Government Accounting System – Change over from the Cash to Accrual Basis – A pilot Study in Major irrigation Department in Kerala (Project in Progress)
  3. Developing Data Base of Micro Enterprises under Kudumbhashree Mission 2013 – 2014 (Project in Progress)
  4. Evaluation of Service Delivery at the Local Level – A World Bank Project on Local Self-Governance – 2011-2015. (Project in Progress)
  5. Accreditation of Skill Training Institute for the micro enterprises under state Kudumbhashree Mission
  6. Grand Kerala Shopping Festival: An Evaluation, Department of Tourism, Government of Kerala
  7. Study on Domestic Migrant Labour in Kerala with special focus on Community Health Intervention and Scope for Convergence Project Funded
  8. Benefit Monitoring & Evaluation of Tsunami Rehabilitation Programme funded by Planning Commission (Total 19 independent reports were submitted to Disaster Management Cell, Revenue Department, Government of Kerala 2011-12
  9. Scope of Mobilizing Additional Resources major sources of state own tax revenue
  10. Restructuring Taxation of Gold/Jewellery in Kerala, submitted to Taxes Department, Government of Kerala, February 2013
  11. Domestic Migrant Labour in Kerala, submitted to Labour and Rehabilitation Dept, Govt.of Kerala, February 2013.
  12. Study on Evaluation of Kerala Finances 2002-03 to 2011-12 submitted report to 14th Finance Commission, Govt.of India, 2014.
  13. Revenue Implication of Service Tax in Kerala in the Context of GST
  14. Revised Negative list of Services – Comments – Study submitted to the Taxes Department, Government of Kerala
  15. Building Institutional Capacities of the Kudumbhashree Units for Sustainable Growth and Development. 2011-2012 – Submitted to State Kudumbashree Mission, 2013.
  16. Legal and Fiscal effects of Proposed commercial venture of Kerala Medical Services Corporation Ltd. 2011 -12 Submitted to Medical Services Corporation Limited, 2012.
  17. Food subsidy in Kerala: An Overview
  18. Revenue Neutral Rate under GST for Government of Kerala
  19. National Economic Scenario Submitted to Finance Department
  20. Legal and Revenue Implications of V AT on Textiles and Sugar.
  21. HSN Based Commodity Classification Code for Commodities of Sikkim VAT Schedules, Report submitted to Govt of Sikkim, August, 2011.
  22. Commercial Taxes – Akshaya Synergy – A success story of an E-governance initiative of Government of Kerala – February 2011
  23. Proposal for fiscal consolidation – Report submitted to Taxes Department -2011
  24. NIPFP study on Revenue Implications of GST and Estimation of Revenue Neutral Rate: A State-wise Analysis – Comments
  25. Comprehensive Social Welfare Schemes for Kerala – A study of Welfare Fund Boards / Schemes 2010-11.
  26. Impact Assessment of Tax Automation of Commercial Taxes Department of State of Kerala, December 2010.
  27. Study on Finance of Local Bodies – Submitted to Fourth State Finance Commission of Kerala – 2010.
  28. HSN Based Commodity Classification Code for Commodities of Rajasthan VAT Schedules, Report submitted to Govt of Rajasthan, December 2010.
  29. A Study on Mobilization of Additional Resources by Taxing Hoardings May 2009.
  30. HSN Based Commodity Classification Code for Commodities of Tamil Nadu VAT Schedules, Report submitted to Govt of Tamil Nadu, October 2009.
  31. Revenue collection of 20% rated White Good: A Study for Kerala Budget, 2007.
  32. HSN Based Commodity Classification Code for VAT Tariff submitted to Empowered Committee of State Finance Ministers, New Delhi, June 2008.
  33. Impact of VAT on Coconut and Coconut Products 2005-06
  34. Training Need Assessment (TNA) for the Commercial Taxes Department of Kerala – Study Report 2003-04.
  35. State Value Added Taxation and the Kerala State Civil Supplies Corporation Ltd. (Supply Co.) – Suggestions for effective Tax Compliance System, 2003
  36. Impact of VAT on Petroleum Products used as Industrial Inputs – Project submitted to Kochi Refineries Ltd. 2002-03.
  37. Compilation and Editing of 120 Statutory Forms of Kerala Value Added Tax Rules 2005
  38. Study on the Revenue Impact on the Abolition of surcharge on certain Petroleum Products 2001.
  39. “Taxation of Petroleum Products: Policy Strategy in the context of Dismantling of Administered Pricing Mechanism – A Study with Special Reference to Kochi Refineries Ltd.” – 2001-02.
  40. Government of India Project -Uniform Commodity Nomenclature, Classification & Coding [UCNCC] for Inter-State and Intra-State Taxation in India 2001-02.
  41. Report on Business Accounting under Value Added Taxation – Submitted to the Commercial Taxes Department, Govt. of Kerala – Committee for Business Accounting under VAT.
  42. Report on Mobilising Additional Resources from Stamps and Registration in Kerala:Options and Strategies submitted to State Planning Board , Government of Kerala, 2013-14