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International Conference on “Karl Marx, Capital and the Present” 13-16 September 2018

15 September 2017 marked the completion of 150 years since the first publication of Marx’s Capital – A Critique of Political Economy, Volume I and 5th May 2018 marks the 200th birth anniversary of Marx.

In the 150 years since the publication of the first German edition of Das Kapital, the works of Marx have been ‘read’ and interpreted many times over, with each reading influenced by the social, economic and political conditions of the time. Indeed, Marx himself was clear that developments in the world of ideas were influenced by the historical context in which they arose, by the level of development of and contradictions characterising society in the relevant time. To mark the two anniversaries, Social Scientist and the Gulati Institute of Finance and Taxation, Thiruvananthapuram, with support from the Government of the state of Kerala, are organising an international conference in Kochi in Kerala, during 13-16 September, 2018, which would bring together leading academics and scholars from India and abroad. Discussions at the conference would focus on the relevance of Marx’s work and developments based on it for the present. More details would be posted on this site in the coming weeks.