Kerala Tax Reporter

Since 1992 GIFT brings out Kerala Tax Reporter (KTR), a monthly law  journal,which has been approved by the Supreme Court of India.It reports judgements of various High Courts, Supreme Court and government notifications, circulars and clarifications on laws on sales tax, value added tax, agricultural income tax, entry tax, The Money Lenders Act, and so on. It also publishes government notifications, circulars and clarifications on related subjects, the Kerala State budget speech, the Finance Act, highlights of the Union budget, and other relevant information.It also publishes studies, reports and articles on public Finance Tax laws, Management and Accounting. The annual subscription is Rs. 1300.
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Editorial board

Dr. Thomas Joseph Thoomkuzhy
Gulati Institute of Finance and Taxation
M.L. Paul,
faculty member
Jenny Thekkekara,
faculty member